Improving e-NVH performances of electrical systems
throughout their development life cycle

Manatee software offers a unique, multi-disciplinary simulation and analysis environment of electromagnetic noise and vibrations,
from electrical machines conceptual design phase to system-level detailed design phase.

Fully integrated GUI

Predefined simulation workflows

Vibro-acoustic diagnosis

Built-in noise control technique

Exclusive e-NVH support

Manatee for Mechanical engineers

Manatee for Acoustic Engineers

  • Sound synthesis
  • Electromagnetic Noise Synthesis with Actran (V2.2.0)
  • Sound quality analysis (V2.2.0)

Efficient solving of special problems requires special solutions

Manatee offers flexible licensing software solutions,
including a unique e-NVH support by EOMYS Engineering e-NVH experts.

Let’s work together on your next electrical machine design