Cloud-based leasing license system


Manatee software is proposed via a cloud-based leasing system :

  • Single computer licence available for 6 or 12 months.
  • Floating licences* available for 6, 12, 24 or 36 months.

All our licences include a valuable e-NVH support that is much more than simple IT support.


The e-NVH support is composed of a package of consulting hours that have to be used during planned web conferences or phone calls to:

  • make EOMYS analyze some existing Manatee vibro-acoustic results, to confirm the correctness of simulation parameters and give advice on the next simulation steps to be carried
  • ask EOMYS advises on how to carry the vibroacoustic simulation of a particular electrical machine on Manatee
  • ask EOMYS advises on the experimental validation methodology of Manatee results
  • ask EOMYS questions on the physical phenomenon of electromagnetically-excited noise and vibrations

The e-NVH support can also be used on the basis of a customer specification to:

  • ask EOMYS to develop some new customized functionalities (new plot command, new post-processing, new graph) or speed-up planned developments through an intermediate release. In this case, EOMYS estimates the number of development hours that are necessary and communicates to the customer this fixed-rate development service. Once the functionality is validated by the customer, the number of hours is deduced from its current e-NVH support package.

*one unique workplace

If you want to know more about the licenses :

General terms and conditions
General terms and conditions
General terms and conditions - Evaluation license
General terms and conditions - Evaluation license