What is the difference between Manatee and multiphysic numerical software suites (e.g. Ansys Workbench, Comsol Multiphysics, Siemens Simcenter)?

Special problems can only be efficiently adressed with special tools. Manatee® is the only software specialized on the simulation and analysis of magnetic noise and vibrations induced by electric machines operation.

The advantages of Manatee® compared to multiphysic numerical software suites (e.g. Ansys® Workbench, COMSOL Multiphysics®, Siemens Simcenter™) can be summarized as following:

  1. pre-defined multiphysic couplings (no need to define how to couple electromagnetics, structural mechanics and acoustics) to shorten simulation set-up
  2. adapted modelling levels for use during both early electromagnetic design iterations (NVH ranking of e-machines in a few seconds of calculation) and detailed structural design (optimized coupling with structural FEA)
  3. advanced NVH troubleshooting tools with more than 100 visulatization tools to understand the root cause of noise and vibration
  4. direct implementation of main noise mitigation techniques as well as faults and asymmetries
  5. proprietary algorithms to speed up calculations and give more physical insights, including Electromagnetic Vibration Synthesis, Load Extrapolation Algorithm, Load Interpolation Algorithm
  6. no parasitic harmonics due to spectral leakage, remeshing, magnetic force interpolation or field projection - all harmonics can be filtered based on analytic equations, ensuring a physical solution
  7. user-friendly GUI made to ease collaboration between electrical, mechanical, acoustic, and NVH test engineers
  8. more than 100 industrial validation cases including sound power level at variable speed, as well as academic validation cases
  9. a unique e-NVH support by our e-NVH experts coming with all leasing licenses