Backed with 8 years of consulting experience in solving noise and vibration issues in electrical machines, EOMYS Engineering has developed Manatee simulation environment to speed-up the development of low-noise electrical systems.

The first version of this software, named MANATEE V1, has been mainly used by EOMYS R&D engineers on more than 100 e-NVH projects including axial & radial flux topologies, internal & external rotor, synchronous and induction machines, from 10 RPM to 100 kRPM and from 10 mm to 10 m outer diameter machines.

A new version of Manatee software, named Manatee V2, is now being developed for all engineers in 2021 with a brand new Graphical User Interface and predefined simulation workflows based on EOMYS unique e-NVH experience. The following solutions are available during 2021:

  • 1. Predefined simulation workflows
  • 2. Variable operating points analysis
  • 3. Accelerated calculations
  • 4. Root cause analysis
  • 5. Noise control solutions
  • 6. Robust design
  • 7. Import/Export solutions
  • 8. e-NVH laboratory

You can find the features linked to these solutions on the detailed feature webpage.

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